This blog is used to discuss various articles on the Southeast Asia Sea disputes among Brunei, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

In each article, we will examine the arguments that we do not think reasonable or facts not authentic. We hope that our opinions will at least help the readers look at the article from another point of view.

Comments that are directly related to the discussion and written in a respectful manner are very welcome. Your feedback and proposed articles can also be posted here.

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[Deutsche Welle 24/10/2011] Hanoi’s double tactics are blurring the situation… (Rodion Ebbighausen)

“One of the crucial issues to maintain the peace and stability in the region is to distinguish the truly conflicted areas with truly non-conflicted ones.”

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[Eurasia Review 11/08/2011] South China Sea: Reducing The China-Vietnam Tension – Analysis (Zhen Sun)

“A coastal state’s obligation as specified by UNCLOS is to cooperate with other states in matters of conservation, not acting unilaterally in another state’s EEZ. If Vietnam were to unilaterally impose a fishing moratorium along China’s coast, would the author call that ‘keeping with international obligation’?”

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[NYT 11/06/2011] Dispute Between Vietnam and China Escalates… (Michael Wines)

“The question is what Chinese fishing boats did in the region where its own government imposed the fishing ban at that time? Is it legal and consistent even in the interpretation of the Chinese government?

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[NYT 14/6/2011] China Navy Reaches Far, Unsettling the Region (Edward Wong)

“Had the disputed territory in the Southeast Asia Sea been clearly confined to the islands and their effective EEZs, the media would have been more careful to say that the recent incidents (i.e. the Binh Minh 2 and Viking 2) happened in disputed areas.”

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[The Diplomat 12/06/2011] How China Can Avoid Next Conflict (Minxin Pei)

“The U-shaped line, or 9-dotted line, was described as a calculated ambiguity used to maximize the extent of the claimed waters. Unlike any other demarcated lines, it does not characterize a definite area and the government of China has never attempted to describe it in a more scientific way.”

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[BBC 10/06/2011] China Accuses Vietnam in South China Sea Row

“While China is calling on other claimants to stop exploiting resources in the areas that they have the rights based on international law, China itself has explored and planned deepwater drilling in the Qiongdongnan basin which can be a contested area by virtual of the contested Paracels’ EEZ.”

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